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rock climbing collage

How do you rock On?

We can’t wait to see all the crazy stuff our customers are putting our clothes and gear through. We’re even willing to send out free gear to prove it! All you have to do is post pics or video of you and Rock On on our Facebook page. Each month our panel of highly educated judges will pick the best one and ship the winner some free gear! Where, when and what you are doing in the photo is up to you. We’re looking for whatever you do to Rock On; climbing, slack lining, diving, sticking a sick dyno, backpacking, base jumping, kayaking, catching a concert or just causing general mayhem. Just include us in your photo however you see fit. Whether you want to wear your Rock On shirt, hold up a sign of the logo or show off that new Rock On you had inked across your back (nice one by the way..) is up to you. It’s all good. Who knows, we may even select more than one a month.

Click Here to go to our facebook page and upload your entry!

Oh yeah, because we have to do it, here’s the beta, rules and legal BS. You can post as many things as you want, but please be kind and only post the good ones. When sending the image you give Rock On of Plymouth, Inc. all rights and ownership of the image eternally, to do with it whatever we want (we won’t use Photoshop to make it embarrassing). By participating you agree that you are completely doing this of your own free will, at your own risk and we take no responsibility for the crazy stuff that you pull off (or don’t pull off more importantly). We’ll send a different piece of gear each month to one lucky winner, chosen by our staff. We reserve the right to make all decisions based on whatever we want and all decisions are final. If you want a copy of the logo for a sign (or tattoo sample…) please email us and we’ll send you a good copy. Keep in mind that the name and logo are registered trademarks for which we reserve all rights. Last but not least, an individual may submit as often as they would like, however they cannot win more than one time in a rolling 12 month period